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Michael Krieger is a talented, young bachelor who dreams of becoming a successful writer, but until then, he opens a detective agency in Tel Aviv and hopes to make a living by solving easy cases. Things go smoothly until one day, two women come into his office and disrupt all his plans. Corina, an underground punk singer, and Ariella, a teacher without any sense of style and a deep passion for bonsai trees, each ask him to handle unsolved mysteries from their past. Before he knows it, Michael finds himself tangled in a sequence of fast-paced and surprising events that turn his life upside-down. His troubles include hoodlums, intimidation letters, a bad back, an ex-girlfriend and a search for someone trying to take over his life.


Part-Time Detective will bring a smile to your face and keep you guessing where it will go next. Shaul Betser’s light, restrained, and amusing style conceals thought-provoking truths about the human condition and human nature. Betser uses the materials of daily life in Israel to create a wondrous, tumultuous plot that is fun and interest filled.

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