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“An intelligent novel spiced with all the flavors and scents of Israeli reality.
Shaul Betser proves to be a writer skilled at propelling his plot and crafting intrigue, while combining a detective story with his subtle, unique sense of humor, the kind that seems light and non-committal yet contains a great human truth.”
Navit Barel, poet and literary scholar.
“Cool, colorful, urban, suspenseful, with a great potential to become an Israeli series of thrillers to be sold abroad. A Hebrew detective book that doesn’t let you catch your breath, but remains fun from cover to cover.”
An editorial recommendation from 7 Nights Magazine, Yediot Aharonot.
“An excellent book, fast-paced and funny. I read it with pleasure and eagerness.”
Jonathan Geffen, poet and author
“The most enjoyable Israeli detective I’ve read this year.”
Asaf Gavron, author
“Strong, dynamic plot, wonderful dialogue.”
Yaron Ben-Nun, A book reviewer
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